Nate Sell’s column.

Interstellar Job


I am thinking now about Job and Interstellar. You know… the ancient story written a few thousand years ago and Christopher Nolan’s new space-odyssey…



Priveleged, White, First World Problems “Sounds like a privileged, white, First World problem to me,” smirks my privileged, white, First World acquaintance upon discovering my…

Nature Man


I once lived in an old apartment where an R.O.U.S. inhabited my bedroom wall For those of you heathens who have not yet seen…

Hold Fast


For a guy who is in seminary, I must admit that it’s pretty embarrassing how frequently I read something Jesus said and have a…



I’m thinking, now, about home. I just visited the small Ohio village where I spent my high school years, and despite all the friends…

Guts, Blasphemy, and Humble Pie


If you are feeling the need to have an elevated sense of personal importance today, this is not the column for you. Just stop now. This is an article about why you aren’t so special. Still reading? You’re the worst. Just kidding. Sort of.