Day 26: Impressions of Light and Color

The painting of Claude Monet is representative of the impressionist movement in art. The name comes from the movements desire to capture the sheer impression of a moment, and everyday kind of moment, through vivid use of color and light. The results often seem to transform the everyday into the ethereal.

Questions & Actions

  • As usual, take some time to observe Monet’s painting above. (Or better yet, if you’re in the Princeton, New Jersey area, stop by the free Princeton University Art Museum and see it in person). What do you notice? What mood does it evoke in you? Take a moment and allow the painting to be a starting point for prayer.
  • The impressionist focus on the things of modern life is an interesting one. In their focus on color and light, the world around is transformed–it glows and comes alive. Perhaps there is something we can learn from this? Today, try to view the world around you as an impressionist. Look for light and color. Let the surprising beauty of the every-day world that surrounds you catch you today for a bit.
  • Take your own stab at impressionism. Break out some paint, crayons, or watercolors. Remember the keys: a focus on the things of this modern life (which today looks different from Monet’s time!), the use of color and light, and a quick style of painting. You don’t need to be a trained artist to try this for yourself. Bonus: let each brushstroke become a prayer, as you capture a bit of the world you inhabit, in all it’s imminence, color, and light.
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