Roundup for January 31

Weekly roundup from the web. Star gazing, Holy Harvests, rare foxes, and Orthodox ecology.

EcoTheo’s weekly roundup brings you some of the best eco-content from around the web.

Star Gazing


Check out this short video from Sérgio Bernardino. For even more impact, pair it with Shannon Tharp’s poem Recursive from last week.

A Holy Harvest

Over at Modern Farmer they’ve profiled six faith-based farms that you should know about. We’ll ad our own endorsement to these. And, hey, if they pique your interest, you should check out Fred Bahnson’s Soil and Sacrament which explores several of these communities in even greater depth.

One of the Rarest Mammals Spotted!

There has been a Sierra Nevada Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes necator) spotting Yosemite National Park. Big deal, right? You probably saw a fox in your cul-de-sac last week. Well, considering there are only an estimated 50 of these beautiful creatures in the wild, it is a big deal. That makes it one of the most endangered mammals in North America. 1 You can read more over at They’ve even got a video of the ‘lil fella.

Ecology and the Orthodox Church

Over at Conciliar Post, Chris Smith offers some insight into the inherent ties between ecology and faith found in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. He opens by quoting Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew:

To commit a crime against the natural world is a sin.

As strong statement. As Smith comments, “It is common in our Protestant-dominated culture to assume that Christians simply do not care for the environment and are only concerned with saving souls.” But the Orthodox view is “essentially an ecological worldview.”

What do you think? Is ecology central to what it is to be Christian? Read more from Smith and leave your comments below.

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