Social Justice@EcoTheo

October 2020

Editor’s Note

“We knew another storm would come,” Congressman John Lewis wrote in his powerful memoir Walking with the Wind. “And we would have to do it all over again. And we did. And we still do, all of us. You and I.”

In the midst of the most significant such storms of recent decades, one that demands new worlds of peace, equity and justice, we have created a nook to hold grief and hope through the sublime works of artists, poets and writers inspired by the social justice challenges of the day. This inaugural issue is pleased to feature prose by Arthur Powers and E. Ethelbert Miller, poetry by Prince Bush, James Owen and Marjorie Maddox, a review of Aricka Foreman’s Salt Body Shimmer by Tatiana Johnson-Boria, and art by Marianne Gonzales, Zac Benson.

We hope you enjoy their offerings as much as we do.

Why Social Justice at EcoTheo?

EcoTheo Review has long been guided by the words of Cornel West, who says “Justice is what Love looks like in public.” At a time of unprecedented questioning about the future of equity and justice, we create space to curate a response to the movements that will define worlds to come.

Call for Submissions

We would love to receive art, poetry, prose or poetry reviews related to social justice. Submit to