The Gay Divorcee (1934)

as long as we’re on      the subject of dancing
      & screwball comedies,     glamour & the continental
maybe i should mention      that love requires
     no correspondent, & that    chance is a fool’s name for fate.

give me a name for chance     & i am a fool?
     Rogers & Astaire spinning     shadows on the walls
classily scheming &      pining after each other,
     happily ever backlit      black & white.

fate is a foolish thing      to take chances with?
      once as a child i fell     from a swing.
still, on my knee  there is a treasured scar.
      i heard later that everyone     has a scar on their knee.

chances are that fate     is foolish?
     i was young enough then,     or am old enough now
to remember nothing     but being swaddled
     in a cocoon of blankets     on my parents’ bed.

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